EsoGLOVE Pro Rehabilitation Services Home Rental 3 months package (monthly fee)

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EsoGLOVE Pro is a soft robotic exoskeleton technology for hand rehabilitation and assistance. Comfortable, lightweight and user-friendly, it allows patients with neurological disorder such as Stroke to carry out rehabilitation under a safe environment. EsoGLOVE helps patients relearn and recover hand motor functions via action observation therapy through a series of passive and active exercises.

  • EsoGLOVE rehabilitation therapy service with 10 passive exercises and 8 active exercises
  • Monthly assessments – gripping strength, EMG muscle signal, fugl meyer, finger tip to wrist distance etc.
  • Proven track record
  • Therapy sessions will be conducted at Roceso office at Science Park 1

Please contact us for a trial before purchasing as we would need to assess the suitability of this product for your / your loved one’s condition.

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